sábado, setembro 23, 2006

yesterday...BY NIGHT...

In the midle of the dinner in "Monte Carlo" one american boy says very higher: "In Spanish I know to say NECESSITO PUNHETA"... of course he is starting speaks joseleano..
1AM the cool guys (we) decided enter in the pharmacy and i choose to the david one belgium beer with 8.5 vol. alcohol ... well the young american marine explodes! he starts speak higher and higher and broke a beer glass and say: FUCK OF!
when we decide to go to the strip club the american bullshit marine wants die under the cars... well well well... Portugal are a small country but people here don`t like this kind of guys who whants die with alcool... so he have to go home at porto de mós!
The Russian boy (cousin of gaYbriel) enjoy the night and also the american history... he loves drink tequila with americans,beer,josel and whisky... oh god he says "my celular needs to fall when he starts turning of..." (alcohol effects)
the Lippy american boy today have a "mariage" of its brother and yesterday he want goes to the strip club...Lippy Lippy...you are to be a man!

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Às sábado, setembro 23, 2006 4:54:00 da tarde , Blogger Gabriel disse...

Not even if he fucks himself... ten times!!!
Marine says.. " I hate Bush! You know?!"
And marroquino... "I need girls!!!"
Amazing... outstanding... Marine is the best!!! I guess he is crying in the lumpy`s car... why? He hates Bush:)

Às sábado, setembro 23, 2006 4:55:00 da tarde , Blogger Gabriel disse...

what smell is this??! It seems gas... no? lol
Call Marine!!! Call him!

Às sábado, setembro 23, 2006 4:59:00 da tarde , Blogger Gabriel disse...

He loves Castles,... Batles... history! But he don`t like tasted beer... Amorim, he is not one of us! He hates Bush,.. But he loves war;) He is a Marine!!! Don`t forget.
I love to remember when he brokes the glass... excelent moment:) "Fuck of!!!"

Às sábado, setembro 23, 2006 5:01:00 da tarde , Blogger Gabriel disse...

Amorim, do you remember when we are speaking with russo, in the car? He is talking portuguese... Not good, you know? It`s an american night... we had to speak americanjoselado. You know?

Às sábado, setembro 23, 2006 6:48:00 da tarde , Blogger Amoretto disse...

where did you have been in 9/11? Im in the school. the marroquish guy says im driving to the school... blablabla... i´m gonna show tou with a pen...look here is WTC, here is manhattan and here... is the BRONX...blabla... hey laddies can you teach me portuguese? ohhh fuck thanks for the help guys!


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